Introduction to Music Business in Africa

Finance Basics for Music Business

Learning Outcomes Understanding basic bookkeeping. Basic understanding of resource management (financial, human). Knowledge of tax management basics for Africa.

The Recording Industry

Learning Outcome Master recordings Labels promotional strategies: singles, albums, collaborations. Digital distribution of sound recordings

The Live Music Industry

Learning Outcomes Learn about concert promoters, agents and venues Understand concert production essentials (live music contracts) Learn about Logistics, ticket selling revenue, securing an international agent, starting a booking agency

Music and the African Economy

Learning Outcomes Understanding how other sectors of the economy interact with the music and creative industries Gain knowledge of challenges hindering the growth of the music industry in Africa Identifying opportunities for growth and development in Africa’s music industry

African Music Industry History

Learning Outcomes Learn about opportunities that attracted majors to Africa in the 70s and 80s. Understand elements that led to the growth of the music industry in the 90s and 2000s Understand the roles of current stakeholders in the future of the African Music industry

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