Why am I being asked if I’m a robot?

We have an invisible Google reCaptcha as part of the security features on the platform – to prevent bots and people with malicious intent from gaining access to the platform. If you are being repeatedly asked to prove your humanity, it is likely that your IP has been flagged – or you are accessing the platform via a masked IP (like Tor or VPNs or Incognito Mode browsers). To fix this, please disable any VPNs you may have on, use regular browsers, and clear your browser cache then try again.

HowTo: Access your Dashboard

You may access your course dashboard to update your account information or view your modules and classes. To access your dashboard, you may follow the “My Dashboard” links on the top Menu or at the Footer of the site. Alternatively, you may follow the link below.


Please note that this link would only work if you are already logged in, otherwise, the link would prompt you to log in before redirecting you to your dashboard

HowTo: How to Log into your Account

You may login to your MBA account by following the “Login” links on either the Top Menu or at the Footer of the site.

Alternatively, a direct link is provided for you: www.musicbusinessafrica.org/wp-login.php

I forgot my account password

If you forgot your account password, we do not advise more than four (4) attempts at your password. Please follow the link below to reset your account password. Input your email address and a password reset link would be sent to you.

My account

I can’t access class until I take a previous class

Please note that the learning content has been designed in a sequential format and should be taken step wise. Ideally, you are to view the Class content in the designated steps i.e. view the Introduction to a Class, before you view the Class Video, before you take the Quiz, before you view the Live Session.

While strict linear progression is not enforced, this is designed to aid your navigation of Class content.

If you have taken the previous classes and the issue persists, please log out of your account, clear your browser cache and log back into your account.


I can’t see today’s class

Modules that you have been registered for along with their Classes and Quizzes would be available on your dashboard.

To access your dashboard, please click “My Accounts” on the footer of the website. Or click “My Dashboard” which would be on the Menu when you login.

For your convenience, see direct links below.

here’s a direct link to the login – musicbusinessafrica.org/wp-login.php
this direct link to your dashboard musicbusinessafrica.org/my-account

On your dashboard, you would see all the modules that you have signed up for. When you select the Module, you would be taken to a page that shows the classes available under that Module. You may select and take the class you want from the list.

PS: Please note that the Class Quiz will show up at the very end of the Class video.

Best Regards!

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