Talent Project – Music Business Academy for Africa 2021

Apply Online

To apply for the Music Business Academy for Africa 2021 Talent Project,  kindly fill the form below. Please ensure that you upload unreleased tracks.

Disclaimer:The Music Business Academy for Africa is a project of iManage Africa Entertainment Limited, whose platform accepts multimedia content for free over the Internet. The site includes content from iManage Africa and other curators of audio and visual media, including non-commercial radio stations and individuals. By continuing, we are confirming that the information you provide to us will not be archived, saved, disseminated, shared, misappropriated, or used for any other purpose. No item containing the image of or reference to a person is to be used for a purpose other than for which rights are granted by Music Business Academy for Africa, without prior express written authorisation.

Selected song(s) may be released in the official MBA For Africa EP. Please note that we will NOT use a song that is not selected and approved by the rights owner.

We are no longer accepting applications for this ad. Contact us for more details.
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