The Music Business Academy for Africa

Curated by Godwin Tom and brought to you by Sterling Bank

A platform dedicated to training and developing an informed and employable workforce for Africa’s Entertainment Industry

A 3-month online program curated by Godwin Tom

12 Classes | 3 Modules | Local and International Guest Speakers | 3 Free Workshops

Module One

Management and A&R

06.09.2020 - Class 1

Introduction to Music Business Management | Job Opportunities in the Music Industry | Connecting Music to other sectors of the Economy | Finding Purpose in Your Work

13.09.2020 - Class 2

The Role of Talent Managers and A&Rs | Revenue Streams for Talent Managers and AnRs | Building a Career as a talent Manager and AnR

20.09.2020 - Class 3

Music Business Finance Basics | Business Managers and their Roles | Managing Artist's Revenue Streams

27.09.2020 - Class 4

Review of Sessions, Grouping and New Assignment

26.09.2020 - Free Workshop

Choosing a career and building value, network and a reputation. 

Module Two

Music and The Law

04.10.2020 - Class 1

The IP, Entertainment and Media Lawyers' Role | Hiring a Lawyer | Contracts (Management, Endorsements

11.10.2020 - Class 2

Collective Management Organisations | Publishing | Licencing |  Sharing Revenue 

18.10.2020 - Class 3

Deals (Types and Characteristics) | IP Valuation

25.10.2020 - Class 4

Review of Sessions and New Assignment

31.10.2020 - Free Workshop

How We Can All Eat – The Value of Rights

Module Three

Brand and Music Marketing

01.11.2020 - Class 1

Social Media | Data Collection | Media Relations and PR

08.11.2020 - Class 2

Artist Planning | Strategy and Tactics | Music Distribution (Role of Labels and Distribution Companies) 

15.11.2020 - Class 3

Marketing for Conversions | Artist Branding | Events and Touring as Distribution and Marketing Channels

22.11.2020 - Class 4

Final Review 

28.11.2020 - Free Workshop

Social Media – From Reach to Conversions

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Management and A&R


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Music and The Law


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Brand and Music Marketing


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Module 2: Music and
The Law (USD)

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